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All young Israeli Jews are deeply committed to maintaining the security and continuity of Israel.


The number of young Israelis willing to serve in IDF combat roles is dropping.


Young Israelis are less inclined to define themselves as Zionists


Young Israeli Jews are less likely to build a life in Israel. 


MYTH: All young Israeli Jews have a strong base of Jewish knowledge that reinforces their connection with Israel. 

FACT: Many Israeli public school graduates are ignorant of Judaism. 


I.Next.G’s mission is to ensure the sustainable security of Israel by connecting its youth to their Jewish heritage and identity, and combating apathy and ignorance through educational programs designed for Israelis aged 13-30. These programs focus on young Israelis in formative periods of self-determination – high school, army service, and university studies – to equip them with Jewish knowledge and instill in them Jewish values and a connection to a 3,000-year-old heritage, that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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Israel’s Next Generation, I.Next.G, was established to address a critical social and educational challenge that has accompanied the State of Israel since its inception – ignorance. Millions of Israelis, although educated in the Israeli school system and speaking Hebrew fluently, do not know the basic tenets of Judaism. As a result, they feel indifferent and sometimes even alienated from their Jewish roots. This phenomenon has led to a decline in motivation for participating in military combat roles, as well as a growing movement of Israeli young adults leaving Israel. As time passes, this troubling situation will likely become more dire.

In order to strengthen efforts to ensure Jewish continuity outside of the Orthodox community, it is critical to inspire and engage young people within their formative years – teens to early thirties. I.NEXT.G was established to address the growing need to supplement young Israelis’ knowledge of Judaism and raise their awareness of its relevance. Our organization seeks to carry out a broad framework of activities in Israel to reach out to non-observant youth through Jewish learning programs targeting three groups: teens in public high schools, soldiers completing their mandatory service in the IDF, and university and college students on campus.

What we do

Today, young people do not know what Kaddish is, what is the Amidah prayer, and a whole host of other basic things....Once, every high school graduate knew more about the Bible and more Jewish literature. Today he has no knowledge.

Dr. Tzvi Zameret, former chairman of the pedagogic division in Israel's Education Ministry


We aim to fund programs that focus on enhancing young Israelis’ understanding of and connection to their Jewish heritage and values. This knowledge will in turn establish a sustainable platform that will enable young Israelis to better connect with the culture, history and traditions of the Jewish people all over the world, leading to a secure future for Israel for our future generations.  



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I.Next.G is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States. All contributions are deductible for the purposes of US Federal Income Tax. Donations made in other countries are also tax deductible according to the local tax law. Donors from other countries are urged to contact their local tax advisers. 



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